Game Help

Cool! You're in the right place to see how your Card Table works...

Step 1


When you first enter an unused Table, look at the lower left corner of your display - This is the Deal Control Centre - It's where every game starts.

If the Deal Control Centre is not displayed, click "Get Deal Control" 

Configure the game Settings, such as Auto Shuffle, Jokers, style of Cards / Tiles, and quantity of Decks. (Some settings are only available to Premium subscribers)

Click "New Deck" to create a deck of cards.

Click "Reset Game" to clear all cards from the game and start over.

Step 2

Now you have a deck of cards, the "Deal" button (and deal quantity) controls appear. - All players get access to the deck by clicking on  "Draw Card".

You can pass the Deal Control Centre to the next player at any time, by clicking on "Next Dealer" button.

SnazDealControl - Deck.PNG

Step 3

Dealt cards will appear in your "Hand" (only visible to you).

Use your mouse or touchscreen to move cards, with "Drag'n Drop or Tap'n Point - whichever mode suits you (or your device) best. We try to detect what device you are using and pre-set the mode for you - but feel free to experiment! 
(nb. some devices do not support Drag'n Drop mode)

Your "seating" position in the game

Number of cards held

Change Control mode


Tap'n Point Mode

Tap or click a card and it will glow yellow. Then tap or click where you want the card to drop.

Drag'n Drop Mode

Drag card by holding down left-mouse button on the card and move the mouse. Release mouse button to drop card in new location

Step 4

Cards that are dropped within the green baize Play Table Area are visible to all of your players.

Cards can be placed anywhere within the Play Area - the grey vertical guide bars are simply for, er... guidance.

Use the "Flip Tool" to turn any card face-down  (Drop the Flip tool onto a card to flip it.)

Use the "Rotate Tool" to turn any card sideways  (Drop the Rotate tool onto a card to flip it.)

Use the "Multiple Select Tool" to select any group of overlapping cards  (Drop the Multiple Select tool onto the uppermost card of a stack to select the group - then drag the group to desired location.)

To draw a new card from the deck, tap or click on "Draw Card". A new card will appear on the deck. Then, simply move the new card into your Hand or into the Play Area.

Use the "Flip" and "Rotate" as required. Use "Multiple Select" to move a stack of Cards as a group.

Name badges appear when your players log in to the game, and this also represents the order in which players are "seated".

Score Centre lets each player keep a score record (this record persists across multiple games until "Deleted"


Status line keeps you informed of game play

Lets you talk to your fellow players

Clears ALL Cards from the Table.

Chat window lets players communicate in the game by text.